Scenes from a Life
Early Memories Part 2

I have no idea how frequently my parents dropped me off at another person’s house, but clearly this was different enough for it to register in my young brain as something important.  I had a small backpack, and there was some level of excitement around me that I did not understand.  

I don’t remember the hours between then and when my parents returned, so it seems just seconds in my memory.  But they returned with my new baby sister.  I was swept up in the excitement, and, in typical fashion, attempted to makes sense of it quietly.  

It is interesting that I remember the time some hours before my sister arrived, even though I did not understand what was happening.  

27 years later, she is my best friend.

Early Memories Part 1

I’m calling this my first memory.  It predates my second memory, which is of the day my sister was born, so I was less than 2 years and 3 months old.

I was in a warm tub, mom was singing “I love you Lord”, and using an orange pail to pour water over my head.  When your head is under water, or in this case, water covers your ears for brief moments when being poured over you, the sound is distorted.  It just so happened that this phenomenon occurred as Mom got to the lyrics “and may it be a sweet, sweet sound, in your ear”.  I recall wondering if the garbled noises were the sweet sounds mom was singing about.  

Many baths later, I would use the same orange pail to pour water over my ears, or submerge my ears in the bath in order to hear the strange and wonderful sounds again.